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Friday, June 17, 2016

Mayor of Wokingham

On Thursday May 19, Cllr Bob Pitts was elected as Mayor of Wokingham Borough at the annual full council meeting.

The Mayor is officially the ‘first citizen’ of the borough and has a civic role, representing the council and the people of the borough, as well presiding over borough council meetings. Unless Her Majesty the Queen or her representative is in attendance, the Mayor takes precedence over any other dignitaries attending events.

Traditionally, the Borough Mayor chooses a charity to benefit from fundraising during their year in office. This year Cllr Pitts has chosen to support Wokingham Mencap, a charity who support local families and individuals dealing with autism and learning difficulties.

Cllr Pitts said: “It’s an honour to take on the role as Mayor serving our 17 towns and parishes. As a Ruscombe resident, I am especially proud to represent our most northern parishes who sometimes feel a bit forgotten. I will serve all our residents with enthusiasm and dignity. I am looking forward to being an ambassador for the borough council.

“I have chosen Wokingham Mencap as my charity this year and any money raised will be used to fund the Wokingham Borough Family Liaison Worker, providing preventative and early intervention support. The aim of the role is to help to stop families reaching crisis point by providing personalised emotional and practical support to carers including one to one support.

“Like many charities this year, Wokingham Mencap has reducing funds whilst demand for their services remains constant. They are affiliated with the national Mencap charity but are entirely independent from them, and they have been working tirelessly to serve the community within the Borough since 1997.”

Cllr Bob Pitts was born on the Isle of Wight and served in the Royal Air Force and civil service. After retiring, Bob was elected to serve the ward of Remenham, Wargrave and Ruscombe, the ward in which he now lives. In his spare time Bob pursues an interest in Roman archaeology, sings with the Reading male voice choir and enjoys walking with his three Border Collies.

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