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Friday, June 17, 2016

Mayor of Maidstone

The Mayor of Maidstone is Cllr Derek Butler. 

Derek was born in Lewisham, South East London and moved to the Medway Towns in 1973 and then to Maidstone in 1984. Derek became a Borough Councillor in 2002 representing Boxley Ward. He has served on many of the Overview and Scrutiny Committees and has been the Chairman of the Audit Committee.

Derek is married to Mary and they have a daughter called Georgina. Derek retired from working in 2014 at The Court Service at Bromley Magistrates Court having previously worked at The City of London Magistrates Court.

Derek’s main career, however, started with The National Coal Board which became British Coal, working in Medical Services and the Treasurers Department.

Derek likes hill walking, cycling, going to the gym, tennis, table tennis and more recently bowls.

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