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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A divided nation ill at ease with itself': readers on the EU referendum

A future government, he said, would have to make the case to revise EU-wide freedom of movement rules for workers.
Labour MP John Mann, a Leave supporter, said the party was finally "admitting defeat" over backing for open borders.
It came as Jeremy Corbyn praised the role of migrants in the NHS and urged Labour to unite to stay in the EU.
Vote Leave said there was confusion within Labour over its stance on immigration, ten days ahead of the referendum on whether the UK should stay in or leave the EU.

In a speech at the TUC's headquarters in London Mr Corbyn publicly thanked the "fantastic service" provided by foreign-born doctors, nurses and other professionals in the NHS.
"We welcome them, we work with them and we're proud of what they do," he said.
He challenged leading Conservative Leave supporters who have said leaving the NHS would free up £100m a week extra to spend on the NHS, to acknowledge the impact that it would have on the public services.
"What's the answer Johnson, Farage and Gove have got to that? The NHS couldn't afford to lose 52,000 dedicated professionals and still deliver the service we need. They should think about these things before they shoot their mouths off in the way that they do."

Millionaire Leave campaigner Arron Banks has denied being a fat cat with the statement: “Fat cat my a***!”

The only problem is Jeremy Corbyn didn’t actually call him that today.

Instead he’s reacting to a paraphrased version of the Labour leader from our associate editor Kevin Maguire.

That hasn’t stopped the Leave.EU co-founder, who writes: “I started my business with nothing but a desk and two phones, and I’ve never worn a fur coat or owned a Bentley.”

With fresh polling indicating the likelihood of leave winning, there will have been much to worry about in the remain camp on Tuesday morning. Though would a Labour In for Britain event prove timely and make a difference? 

Jeremy Corbyn took to the stage with this comment:

“This is the Labour movement saying we are voting to remain in the European Union next week. We’re saying that because we want to defend the very many gains made by trade unions across Europe that have brought us better working conditions, longer holidays, less discrimination and maternity and paternity leave.”

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