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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mayor of Wirral

Councillor Pat Hackett was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1954 and is the eldest of five children.  Educated at St Peter & Paul’s Primary and St Hilda’s and Oldershaw in Wallasey, Pat has lived in New Brighton for most of his life.

On leaving school, Pat's family moved back to Dublin in the early 1970s for a few years, where he worked in a number of menswear shops. On returning home in the mid-70s he continued working in the clothing trade at Issy Crown’s in Birkenhead Market, before going on to various jobs at Spillers Pet Foods and as a grill chef in the Berni Inn at the Queens Royal Hotel in New Brighton.

Pat is currently the manager of New Brighton Community Centre, where he has been involved in various roles for over 35 years.

A prominent Wirral Councillor from 1994 to 2008 he was re-elected in May 2011 and in May 2015 (for a further four years). During that time he has served as the Cabinet member for Regeneration 2001-08 and was then appointed Cabinet member with responsibility for Economy 2012-15 and for Business and Tourism 2015-16.

Pat has been at the heart of the regeneration of New Brighton for many years, and following the success of the £70 million of investment, which has already delivered over a thousand jobs, he is determined not to lose that momentum as New Brighton is re-born as a premier seaside resort.

A keen sportsman, Pat played for various Wallasey football teams in his youth and went on to run junior and adult football teams for more than a decade. In his spare time he loves caravanning in North Wales and going to the cinema.

The Mayoress of Wirral, Mrs Elaine Hackett Elaine was born in Wallasey and is one of two children. She was educated at Church Street Primary, Quarry Mount and Oldershaw schools. She started her career as a typist for Littlewoods Pools in Birkenhead before moving on to become team secretary for the Fitzroy Robinson Partnership Architect’s practice in London, later working in the offices of Costain Land & Marine in Bromborough.

Elaine now works for Riverside Retirement Living as a scheme manager at Marsden Court sheltered scheme in Wallasey. She enjoys swimming, spending time with her family, including taking holidays with Pat.

Elaine and Pat live in Wallasey Village and have one son, Daniel, who is currently studying to be a radiotherapist at the University of Liverpool.


Wirral or the Wirral، is a peninsula in northwest England. It is bounded to the west by the River Dee, forming a boundary with Wales, to the east by the River Mersey, and to the north by the Irish Sea.

The roughly rectangular peninsula is about 15 miles (24 km) long and 7 miles (11 km) wide. Historically, the Wirral was wholly within Cheshire; in the Domesday Book, its border with the rest of the county was placed at "two arrow falls from Chester city walls." However, since the passing of the Local Government Act 1972, only the southern third has been in Cheshire, with the rest a metropolitan borough in the new county of Merseyside.

The Wirral contains both affluent and deprived areas, the former largely in the west and south of the peninsula, and the latter concentrated in the northeast, around the built-up district of Birkenhead.

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