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Friday, June 17, 2016

Mayor of St Helens

A lifetime resident of St. Helens, Mayor Randy Peterson has served on City Council since 1989. He was elected as mayor in 2003 and continues to serve in that capacity today. Peterson attended college at Southwestern Oregon Community College and Western Oregon University, where he obtained his advanced fire officer certificate. He was hired as a firefighter with Columbia River Fire & Rescue, working for 28 years before retiring as captain in 2007. Peterson was also president of the local firefighters’ union.

In his free time, Peterson volunteers with the Booster Club and is a member of the Hunting Retriever Club. He owns a Boykin spaniel that he has trained for hunting tests which take him and his dog across the western United States and Canada. He also enjoys fishing.

Peterson’s goal as Mayor is to make sure the City provides the best basic services it can. He is particularly interested in economic development and public safety. For Peterson, economic development in St. Helens will involve bringing clean, family wage jobs to the city. His other goal is to ensure that people feel safe and know that if they have a problem and need help, they have a trained police force ready to assist them. He believes that St. Helens was ahead of its time in implementing a no smoking policy in public buildings and improving the quality of life for residents by instituting a backyard burning ban. Currently, Peterson is assigned to the City’s Administration Department and Communications.

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