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Monday, June 13, 2016

Mayor of Slough

The Mayor of Slough is councillor Arvind Dhaliwal. 
The deputy mayor is councillor Ishrat Shah.

The mayor is the first citizen of the borough and is voted in by fellow councillors at the council's annual meeting in May every year.

The mayor chairs council meetings, and attends many different functions in the borough. These include representing the council:

at civic functions
by receiving dignitaries
by opening events
by talking to societies
by visiting schools.
The mayor also hosts visits to the mayor's parlour from various groups and organisations.

The mayor's correct title is The Worshipful the Mayor of Slough. After formal introductions, speakers should refer to him as Mr Mayor.

If you would like the mayor to attend an engagement, please contact the mayor's executive officer.
Telephone 01753 875001 or email

All invitations should be made through the mayor's office on 01753 875001. The mayor's executive officer can advise on the availability of the mayor prior to a booking being made. Following contact with the mayor's office regarding availability, the form can be sent via post or fax or alternatively downloaded below. Completion of the form may not guarantee the mayor's attendance. You will be notified as to whether the mayor is able to attend your event within a few days of receipt of the form.

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