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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mayor of East Riding

In a letter to Chancellor George Osborne and Local Government Secretary Greg Clark, Cllr Parnaby said: "I believe we need to establish the principle of a greater Yorkshire devolution bid and iron out any differences by meeting together in the best interests of our residents."

It is another twist in the long-running saga of Yorkshire's response to Mr Osborne's Northern Powerhouse proposals.

The Chancellor has promised multi-billion pound budgets and more freedom to regions which join together and elect a mayor.

An initial deadline of September 4 was proposed for bids but it led to a wide range of competing proposals from across Yorkshire.

Hull was the only authority to seek a greater Yorkshire deal, while East Riding Council teamed up with North Yorkshire Council and the City of York to make a separate call.

Cllr Parnaby and fellow leaders in that group acted on the basis of what then seemed achievable but still supported a greater Yorkshire bid.

Today's submission is the culmination of efforts by Cllr Parnaby to thrash out broader agreement.

The 30-page document sent to the Government says: "A devolution deal that recognises and builds on the coherence and formidable 'clout' of the entire west, north and east Yorkshire economy will deliver maximum benefit for both UK PLC and our local communities.

"The benefits to be gained by decentralising national policies, programmes, funding and assets which support economic growth and tackle economic exclusion are recognised and shared by us all.

"We are ready to provide the necessary leadership to embark on a radically different way of working with a mayor to drive forward priorities that transcend local interests."

It goes on to set out detailed proposals for transforming transport, housing and skills across the area. The bid is supported by:

East Riding of Yorkshire

The East Riding of Yorkshire, or simply East Yorkshire, is a ceremonial county of England. It is located in the region of Yorkshire and the Humber. It is a local government district with unitary authority status. For ceremonial purposes the county also includes the city of Kingston upon Hull, which is a separate unitary authority. It is named after the historic East Riding of Yorkshire (one of three ridings alongside the North Riding and West Riding), which also constituted a ceremonial and administrative county until 1974. From 1974 to 1996 the area of the modern East Riding of Yorkshire constituted the northern part of the non-metropolitan county of Humberside. At the 2011 Census the Unitary Authority population was 334,179.

The landscape consists of a crescent of low chalk hills, the Yorkshire Wolds, surrounded by the low-lying fertile plains of Holderness and the Vale of York. The Humber Estuary and North Sea mark its southern and eastern limits. Archaeological investigations have revealed artefacts and structures from all historical periods since the last ice age. There are few large settlements and no industrial centres. The area is administered from the ancient market and ecclesiastical town of Beverley. Christianity is the religion with the largest following in the area and there is a higher than average percentage of retired people in residence.

The economy is mainly based on agriculture and this, along with tourism, has contributed to the rural and seaside character of the Riding. These aspects are also reflected in the places of interest to visitors and major landmarks, which include historic buildings, nature reserves and the Wolds Way long-distance footpath. The open and maritime aspects and lack of major urban developments have also led to the county being allocated relatively high targets for the generation of energy from renewable sources.

Major sporting and entertainment venues are concentrated in Kingston upon Hull, while the seaside and market towns support semi-professional and amateur sports clubs and provide seasonal entertainment for visitors. Bishop Burton is the site of an agricultural college, and Hull provides the region's only university. On the southern border, close to Hull, the Humber Bridge spans the Humber Estuary to enable the A15 to link Hessle with Barton-upon-Humber in North Lincolnshire.

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