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Friday, June 17, 2016

Mayor of Colchester

The Mayor sits as non-political chairman of the Council. The mayoralty is customarily awarded to the most senior councillor of one of the political groups, who take it in turn. The nomination is only rarely challenged. He or she serves for a year as Deputy Mayor.

The annual ceremony of the installation of a new Mayor takes place each May, following the Borough Council elections. The Mayor's election takes place at the first meeting of the newly formed Council.

The Council, officers and members of the public gather in the Moot Hall, to welcome the incoming Mayor who takes the oath administered by the Chief Executive.

The Town Serjeant places chains of office on the shoulders of the incoming Mayor and their consort. The new Mayor's speech of acceptance usually indicates a theme for the year, reflected in the choice of charities he or she intends actively to support - although every Mayor responds as far as they are able to invitations received from the many organisations in the Borough. Invitations increase yearly, proof of the high value the office maintains within the community.

The Mayoral Officer maintains the civic diary and regularly circulates the Mayor's engagements to the media.

The Mayor's Parlour is the Town Hall office where the Mayor works, as well as the reception suite for visitors. The Borough regalia is also displayed there, and represents gifts to the town as well as items of the Borough's heritage.

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