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Monday, June 4, 2012

Want to avoid getting banned by Google?

Business of buying and selling domains, catching domains on the drop, or collecting domains you think might be valuable in the future, it is important to make sure the domains you are purchasing are not damaged goods.
If your website is already banned or you are worried about getting banned by search engines, I recommend the Website Risk Guide which teaches you how to identify risk factors affecting your websites and the simple steps you can take to eliminate the dangers. A very useful read.
Domains have been known to be banned by search engines like Google for breaking their TOS ( terms of service ). Domains have also been known to exist on global spam blacklists. Many domains get blacklisted for spamming search engines or spamming via mass emailing.
You certainly don’t want to pay top $$$ for a domain only to find it never gets indexed by a search engine and you are left with fishing for traffic from backlinks and paid traffic for the rest of that domain’s life.
So, what do you do? This is one of the topics I cover in my book but I shall reveal it here for the sake of educating those that are not aware of this problem.

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