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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Senate recalls could change balance of power

 Sixty percent of Wisconsin voters in today's recall election say recall elections are only appropriate for official misconduct, according to early CBS News exit polls. Twenty-eight percent said they think they are suitable for any reason, while nine percent think they are never appropriate.

Today's recall election in Wisconsin pits Republican Gov. Scott Walker versus Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, in a rematch of their 2010 race. According to the early exit polls, 6 percent say they decided on their candidate in the last few days, with 93 percent saying they made up their minds before that.

The recall effort was brought about mainly in response to Walker's plan that restricted collective bargaining rights for public union workers. Today, 52 percent of Wisconsin voters in the early exit polls said they have a favorable view of unions for government workers, while 43 percent have an unfavorable opinion of these unions. Among voters in unions households (public or not), 69 percent view these unions favorably.

On the issue of collective bargaining, 50 percent of Wisconsin voters say they approved of the recent changes to state law that limits collective bargaining for government workers, but 48 percent disapproved of these changes.

important that we continue to have our majority, and I feel confident that if we get through this its going to send a whole different message, not only statewide, but I think our country it's going to give people hope we can get together and do things," Wanggaard said.

This is a rematch of the 2010 Senate race.  In that election, then-Sen. Lehman lost to Wanggaard.

Lehman has said during this campaign he thinks the times, and voter sentiment, have changed.

"Full participation in this state of Wisconsin together. Shared benefits, shared sacrifice. Is the (Gov. Scott) Walker government really a government for everybody or not?" Lehman asked.

In District 13, Democrat Lori Compas, of Fort Atkinson, is running against state Senate Co-Leader Scott Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald's a central figure in the whole wave of recalls, in the middle of the collective bargaining bill. He said the changes the Walker administration and the Republican controlled legislature have made are helping Wisconsin rebound.

"I am confident. The message is really clear right now. Either you believe in what we're doing, or you don't," Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald is being challenged by the woman who launched the recall

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