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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

John Tortorella talks about media ‘idiots’ and their ‘tweeters’ with Bob Costas

With the Stanley Cup Finals in full swing (not for long), it's easy to see how much passion the Devils and Kings are putting into every moment of every game.  In many cases, passion drives success but can also lead to emotional outbursts.

John Tortorella has had an outburst or two over the years but his tirade days may be over if he continues to keep it in the room.

On WFAN last week, Mike Francesa asked about the press conferences, and Tortorella explained that he's done some "stupid things" during them. He also said media critics of the Rangers' style are "idiots."

Tortorella expanded on that with Bob Costas on NBCSN's "Costas Tonight" on Monday, talking about the pressers, the hockey media and the method to his madness.

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