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Friday, June 8, 2012

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IN DEFENCE of Lara Bingle". I never thought I would find myself writing those words. They go against everything I stand for. Indeed, by writing them I am running the serious risk of expulsion from the Grand Federation of Twitter Snarks. Lara Bingle is not there to be defended, she is there to be mocked and derided and skewered with sharp, pointy sarcasm and despondent hand-wringing about the stony nadir of modern culture that she embodies. Lara Bingle, we are told, is everything that's wrong with society, and the advent of her TV show, it has been widely agreed, will represent the point at which the Australian entertainment industry got out its jackhammer and began drilling down through rock bottom. The mood of the public seems to be that Being Lara Bingle will bring about a cataclysm such as was foretold in Revelation, only with fewer multiheaded beasts and more nude photo scandals.

And, yes, early signs do not look good. It was bad enough when the ads began and we had to suffer the disappointment of realising that Being Lara Bingle would not be about a man who discovers a secret tunnel into Lara's brain: instead it would be about a woman who pulls faces and occasionally covers her mouth with her hand. Now that we know more, it's hardly better. The series may develop and grow with time but, for now, it appears to be the story of Lara wandering aimlessly around Sydney, stopping only to be insulted by her family and friends, who apparently loathe her.

It seems a bizarrely purposeless show: nobody was clamouring to know what Lara Bingle's lifestyle was like and, indeed, it's been revealed that the luxurious house she lives in on TV isn't actually her house, so the lifestyle we're watching isn't even hers. It would appear that literally picking any random woman off the street would yield results every bit as compelling as Being Lara Bingle, and any sensible person could, I feel, have said as much before they started.

‘It was 100 per cent not a publicity stunt,’’ she said today.

‘‘I did think I was safe in my home but obviously I wasn’t.

‘‘You can’t trust anyone, at the end of the day.’’

Bingle denied the photos had been sent to her management and leaked intentionally.

She said it was ‘‘heartbreaking’’ to hear a voicemail left by her grandmother about the scandal, to feature on her new reality show, Being Lara Bingle.
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"It affects everyone. I have feelings like everyone else - it’s embarrassing,’’ she told mX.

Bingle said she did not dwell on her so-called mistakes.

"I guess if I worried about that I probably wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing,’’ she said.

"I guess I have no regrets, otherwise I really wouldn’t havea life. I have very thick skin.

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