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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Encore Score results revealed – Hugh Jackman is most liked screen personality

The Encore Score, which ranks celebrities based on how they are recognised by members of the public and whether they are loved or hated, also named Rebecca Gibney, her Packed to the Rafters co-star Michael Caton, comedian Adam Hills and actor Eric Bana in the top five.

Research company Acid Test complied a list of 738 public figures before defining them by positive and negative recognition scores in interviews with 2965 people.

The top ten was dominated by actors, while the list of Australia's most hated people _ headed by Kyle Sandilands _ featured almost exclusively people who would be defined as "personalities".

Actor Matthew Newton, TV star Sam Newman, sportsman Ben Cousins and reality TV personality Brynne Edelsten joined Sandilands in the bottom five.

The survey quizzed 2965 members of the public about 738 personalities. Survey respondents were asked which celebrities they recognised and how much they liked or hated each personality.

The intention of the Encore Score is to provide an indicator to brands and programmers about which personalities are most bankable with audiences.

Each respondent saw 100 names and images. Each celebrity was seen by an average of 360 respondents. A formula was then applied to the results that took into account how many people ‘liked’ them, ‘hated’ them and ‘recognised’ them, resulting in the Encore Score ((%favourite – %hate x level of recognition) x 1000 = Encore Score).

The top 10 most liked celebrities as judged by the Australian public:

    Hugh Jackman
    Rebecca Gibney
    Michael Caton
    Adam Hills
    Eric Bana
    Magda Szubanski
    Olivia Newton-John
    Geoffrey Rush
    Simon Baker
    John Clarke

The most disliked personalities are:

    Kyle Sandilands
    Matthew Newton
    Sam Newman
    Ben Cousins
    Brynne Edelston
    Pauline Hanson
    Brendan Fevola
    Alan Jones
    Deni Hines
    Alex Perry

The top 200 appears in the print edition of the June edition of Encore. The full ranking of all 738 personalities is only available in this month’s Encore iPad edition which can be downloaded by clicking here.

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