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Friday, June 8, 2012

Edelsten's luxury cars stolen

Among them was a Lamborghini Aventador, one of only a handful in Australia, with a price tag of about $800,000.

A dark blue Mercedes SLS63AMG Gullwing, valued at $500,000, was also stolen, as was a black BMW 335i that his wife, Brynne, uses as her zippy town car.

The BMW, which retails for about $126,000, had only recently returned to the Edelsten garage after a stint at the panel beaters.

Brynne was involved in a collision in April.

The thieves are thought to have entered the security carpark at the Exhibition St apartment block, where the limelight-loving couple live, early Sunday morning while Edelsten was in Adelaide.

It is believed the Lamborghini and the Mercedes were taken that day.
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The crooks returned on Monday and took Brynne's BMW, apparently having the cheek to drive it out of the garage in front of carpark staff, who thought the driver was one of the Edelstens' employees.

The couple were distressed when they discovered the thefts on Monday afternoon and called police.

The thieves are thought to have entered the security car park at the Exhibition Street apartment block where the couple live early Sunday morning while Dr Edelsten was in Adelaide.

It's believed the Lamborghini and the Mercedes were taken then and the thieves returned the following day and drove off in the BMW.

Police have since recovered the black and gold Lamborghini and are confident of finding the other two cars.

The Lamborghini was found in Roxburgh Park at about 4pm on Tuesday.

Dr Edelsten told the Herald Sun he was shocked and upset by the thefts.

"Naturally, I am most distressed but pleased that the police have recovered one vehicle, and are confident of retrieving the other two," he said.

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