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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

'Breaking Dawn - Part 1' Wins Best Movie 2012 At Movie Awards

 Even though the 2012 MTV Movie Awards went down Sunday, we're still celebrating the action-packed party and all the big winners, which, unsurprisingly, included "Twilight" and its stars.

Thanks to the award love for "Breaking Dawn - Part 1," MTV News was lucky to have several encounters with the associated stars, producers and fans, from which we gleaned a few excellent teasers to keep our interest in "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" decidedly piqued. As such, this week's "Twilight" Tuesday is dedicated to the best bits of teasery about the final film.

Stars Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone and producer Wyck Godfrey took the stage to accept the award from presenter and Stewart's "Panic Room" co-star, Jodie Foster.

"Thank you so much, you guys, I know I always say the same thing," Stewart said. "I've been promoting 'Snow White,' and I get asked a lot of questions, especially about 'Twilight,' which I love. The most common is, like, 'God, you must be so happy to get away from it. You must be so happy to distance yourself from it as far away as you possibly can.' And I'm like, 'Shut up! What are you talking about?' I know we've been here for a while, so really, thank you very much."

"We really have so many people to thank, not only for this award but for the past few years," Lautner chimed in. "But first and foremost, we have to thank you guys. I want to thank the whole entire cast and crew for their hard work and passion on this. Our producers, Wyck Godfrey and Karen Rosenfelt. Our incredible director Bill Condon, all of Summit Entertainment. And I forgot a big one, the creator of this thing, producer and author Stephenie Meyer. I'm so excited for you guys to see the last and final part of 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' in theaters November 16."

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