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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Maddie Pulver fights back after bomb hoax

BOMB hoax victim Madeleine Pulver had a return to normalcy, of sorts, this weekend, four days after being subjected to a terrifying 10-hour ordeal at her Mosman home.
The teenager set off before 7.30am yesterday for a swim before returning home with a friend.
After a quick change, she left the house again, this time accompanied by her parents, Bill and Belinda Pulver, to join teammates from Wenona School for Girls for a hockey match, where she was warmly greeted by teammates.

It is believed to be the first school activity she has undertaken since being held in her home on Wednesday as the victim of an elaborate extortion attempt during which a hoax bomb device was chained around her neck.
As she left,, Madeleine said she just wanted to get on with her life.
''I'm doing well,'' she said. ''Every day is getting better. It's good to be getting back to normal.''
The way individuals cope with trauma is influenced by how their lives have been up until that point, according to Sydney neuro-psychotherapist Trisha Stratford, who said not all victims needed counselling.
''If something like this happens to you and you have had a fairly happy, enjoyable life up until that moment, then you cope with it better.''
Mr and Mrs Pulver stood on the sidelines cheering their daughter on.
Mr Pulver, who said his daughter would return to school on Tuesday, said the family would not feel safe until their daughter's tormentor was caught.

The note attached to Maddie - which featured references to Tai-Pan - did not include instructions for a handover of money, but Det Supt Luke Moore confirmed a "demand" had been made.

Yesterday, the 18-year-old donned her shinpads and headed to Sydney's inner west for an inter-school hockey competition.

Leaving home in the company of her father, Bill, and mother, Belinda, soon before 9am, Maddie clearly relished the opportunity to catch up with teammates.

After laughing and chatting with friends in a warm-up session, watched by a slew of television crews, she took to the field for a spirited game.

Her team eventually went down 2-0, but she was commended for her determination in attending.

There were supportive cheers from the crowd, and her teammates patted her on the back as she returned to the change rooms.

Maddie said she had looked forward to rejoining her teammates, saying her friends had been a "very good pillar of support" following her ordeal.

"It will be good to be back to normal," the 18-year-old said.

Earlier, Maddie took advantage of the warmer weather, heading out for an early morning swim with a male friend about 8am.

It was the same friend who had comforted her on Friday night, cuddling and hugging her during a visit from school mates.

But it won't be all fun and games for Maddie in the weeks ahead.

As she tries to come to terms with her horror bomb hoax ordeal, she will also have to resume her studies for her HSC exams.

Along with her fellow year 12 classmates, Maddie had been scheduled to begin the tests last Thursday - the day after she was attacked while studying alone at her Mosman home.

Staff at Wenona postponed the exams in the wake of the attack, citing the distress the incident had caused all students.
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