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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

London riots, August 8 as it happened

The latest riot scenes in London echoed those in other areas of the capital over the past two nights, with skirmishes between gangs of youths and police, reportedly prompted by a stop and search incident earlier in the day.
In Hackney, rioters, many wearing hoods and masks, were confronted by police lines spanning the streets, occasionally moving forward to push the groups back.

And a man is in a serious condition after being shot as violence flared in Croydon. Amid the disorder Scotland Yard said it had found a 26-year-old man in a car suffering from gunshot wounds in Warrington Road.

The man was taken to a south London hospital where he is described as being in a serious condition.

As the clashes erupted an officer could be seen lying on the ground after being struck on his shield by a missile. Other officers came under fire from objects including chairs and pieces of wood. At one point several people broke into the back of a stationary lorry, pulling its contents out on to the road, with some hurling it at police and others using it to smash windows of a bus.

South of the river in Peckham, teams of riot officers were seen charging at fleeing troublemakers after a major fire was started at a shop adjoining a Greggs bakery. A nearby bus was also set on fire while TV footage showed a trail of bins and an abandoned vehicle ablaze in Lewisham.

02.57 A 26-year old man is in a serious condition in hospital after being found with gunshot wounds in Croydon.
02.51 Matthew Sparkes, of the Daily Telegraph's City Desk, took this photo as he cycled home at around 1.30am.

He tweeted: "Been crossing off danger areas in my head - now no way home without going through at least one." On his journey he witnessed a number of arrests in Park Lane and King's Cross and looting in Finsbury Park. He adds: "Parts of the city tonight felt entirely normal, others had a real sense of menace. Some were actually dangerous. So sad to see London like this."
02.48 Numerous reports on Twitter of shops in Stokes Croft, Bristol, being looted. There are reports of six seperate fires at the Cabot Circus shopping mall in the city.
02.46 Matthew Taylor, the Guardian: very few taxis are available in South London, partly because all petrol stations have been closed, according to cab firm staff.
02.41 Met statement: the force used armoured vehicles to push back 150 people in the Lavender Hill areas of Battersea.
The MPS has introduced additional tactics using armoured police vehicles to push back in excess of 150 people in the Lavender Hill area where substantial disorder and damage was being caused to shops and local businesses.
The vehicles were used in support of officers on the ground and resulted in the disorder in Lavender Hill area being brought under control.
The success of this tactic means that we will consider its use elsewhere as required.
Police continue to be deployed across London and are actively tackling pockets of disorder.
Commander Christine Jones, said: "We are using tactics flexibly to respond to the disorder we are still seeing in different areas of the capital. Anyone involved in criminality should be under no illusion that we will pursue you. We have been making arrests all evening and have a team working during the night examining CCTV images. We will follow up evidence in the coming days in order to bring anyone else responsible for criminal acts to justice."
02.35 The Sony warehouse centre at 6 Solar Way, Enfield, is the only UK centre for 'Sony DADC' and a large section of the UK's digital media is stored there.
Tommy Thomson, a witness, tells BBC news he saw 20 male youths coming out the smashed doors of building, carrying consoles. One punched him before driving off. He returned to his Premier Inn hotel workplace. Five minutes later he saw the blaze rip through the warehouse. He helped evacuate guests from the hotel. He says he does not know if there was anyone in the building but many workers have evening shifts.
02.28 Jonathan Wald, CNN's London producer, says in Ealing 15 teenagers took over a bus, forced the driver out and crashed the vehicle. BBC confirms the blaze is a Sony distribution centre, Enfield. Paul Lewis, Guardian, is 200 yards away and says firefighters have the worst of the blaze under control. The building, just off the M25 motorway, is around 70m long and much of it has collapsed in on itself. Locals report an "enormous" explosion and intense heat.
02.25 Incredible footage from the ground of the enormous fire in Essex, taken from a car, on this Facebook page. Rap music and men's shouting can be heard. Locals say it is a Sony distribution centre, not a Sainsbury's depot. (via @tomkingham).
02.23 LBC sources: London Fire Brigade is "running out of fire engines."
02.21 Conflicting reports as to whether the major fire in Waltham Abbey area, Essex, is a Sainsbury's or Sony depot.
02.19 Reports in Chalk Farm from police of a man on a bike armed with an axe.
02.10 Waltham Point Sainsbury's depot employs 750 people. It is one of 13 regional distribution centres run by the supermarket.
02.03 A enormous blaze has engulfed Sainsbury's depot in Waltham Abbey, Essex. The warehousing appears to be the size of a football pitch and the entire store is ablaze and pouring thick black smoke. It is one of the major food depots for central London.
02.00 Disorder has reached the heart of West London. Willard Foxton, a journalist, reports the windows of Hugo Boss on Sloane Square has been smashed.
01.56 Paul Lewis, Guardian: the Sony Centre in Enfield is on fire with thick, billowing black smoke. It has crumpled in on itself, he says.
01.52 Eleven different police forces now on the ground in London. The BBC reports camera crews and journalists have been attacked in North London.

This footage has come from Bristol, where police have confirmed around 150 rioters are on the streets. Harriet Tolputt, a Sky News journalist, tweets: "Police say situation in Bristol volatile. Cars and buildings damaged. Roads closed.

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