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Monday, July 18, 2011

Specialist Crime Directorate

Specialist Crime Directorate (SCD) is one of the main branches of the London Metropolitan Police Service. It deals with a wide range of criminality from murder to organised crime. Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick is currently the head of the directorate. The Directorate is the lead national police agency with regard to specialist crime investigations such as e-crime, sex crimes (paedophile unit) or kidnappings, hostage taking and contract killings.
It encompasses several Operational Command Units:
Homicide and Serious Crime (SCD1) – Provides the 'murder squads' which investigate nearly all murders in London.
Rape and Serious Sexual Offences (SCD2) – Investigates rapes and other sex offences. 
Forensic Services (SCD4) – Provides crime scene examiners, fingerprinting and photography.
Child Abuse Investigation Command (SCD5) – All aspects of this crime, including related murders.
Economic and Specialist Crime (SCD6) – The remit of this unit includes wildlife crime, antique smuggling, computer crime and fraud.
Serious and Organised Crime Group (SCD7) – Responds to crimes including kidnappings and hostage taking. Commercial armed robberies are dealt with by the Flying Squad, which is part of SCD7.
Trident and Trafalgar (SCD8) – The Trident Operational Command Unit investigate gun crime in the black community, including murder. Trafalgar deals with all non Trident, non-fatal shootings in all other distinct communities across London and the targeting of illegal firearms suppliers, converters and illegal manufacturer
Human Exploitation and Organised Crime (SCD9) – includes the Clubs and Vice department (previously CO14), Human Trafficking team, Operation Maxim and Operation Swale.
Covert Policing (SCD10) – This section undertakes surveillance and other discreet policing tasks.
Intelligence (SCD11) – Provides intelligence products to the rest of the police service.

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