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Monday, July 18, 2011

Kelly Brook in cozzie floors Capri

Kelly Brook has been having the ‘best week ever’ on her trip in Italy and it seems that Kelly Brook has been intent on sporting every colour under the sun.
The model has been seen in azure blue and magenta bikini’s and fuscia and bright white dressed during her short sojourn showing off her summery wardrobe.
And last night was no different as she brought some sunshine to the Ischia party in a mustard yellow gingham dress.

The model opted for another 1950’s prom dress, which boasted a high neckline a nipped in waist and pleated detailing on the skirt and Kelly wore her long hair around her shoulders.
And it was just Kelly who was feeling colourful she was seen chatting to Lady Victoria Hervey who had opted for a bright orange dress with intricate jewelled detail.

She was due to fly back to the UK yesterday afternoon - but was clearly still having too much fun.
Kelly tweeted: "Missed my flight sitting in Naples airport drinking vino! Best week ever! Should I stay?"
Italian blokes will certainly hope she decides not to leave as she has left them gasping in her wake for the whole trip.
Earlier she had posted: "Men are looking at me like I am gelato!! Are there women in Italy??"
Kelly's boyfriend, former rugby ace Thom Evans, 26, reportedly decided to stay at home while she frolicked in the sun.
Bet he'll only have ice for her when she returns.

She's posing and being all egotistical as she knows deep down she has nothing else to offer . We believe me she is very average, a typical female who has no talents but big breasts to intice men and thinks that all it takes, well i can see the men who love her right now , no brains , stack bricks for a living screw any woman with big breasts oh sorry probably bankers too. All your pathetic guys who fawn over her she gives no **** about you she only cares for sporty types and actors therefore you have no chance .

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