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Monday, July 18, 2011

David Beckham speaks out about 'his bundle of joy

David Beckham has expressed his happiness over the birth of his first daughter, Harper Seven, stating that she's "absolutely stunning."

Following the first pictures of Harper on proud mum Victoria Beckham's Twitter page, David has told Hollyscoop that he is thrilled about finally having a baby girl, telling the US website that the tot looks like himself and Posh.

Speaking of little Harper, the 36-year old sportsman revealed: "She's a mixture of me and Victoria. She's a mixture of our sons as well. She's absolutely stunning."

David also wore a pair of special football boots, dedicated to Harper, for the Real Madrid Vs. LA Galaxy match on Saturday, telling the website: "It has pink stripes. [They're] obviously a one-off for the birth of my daughter, so yeah, it was a special day!"

It's a whole new experience but an amazing one to have that little bundle of joy in your hands."

The proud father also spoke about the meaning of the name Seven.

"A lot of people have assumed that it is just because of my shirt number that I wore for many years, and part of it is but that wasn't the main reason," he explained.

"Seven simbolises spiritual perfection, seven wonders of the world, seven colours of the rainbow and in many cultures around the world it's regarded as a lucky number."

David also posted a picture of Harper's name stitched on his football boots together with the names of his three sons.

He chose the colour pink to highlight his joy of finally having a daughter.

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