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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal wedding:Invited, but declined

(England Twitter)-Thousands wanted and few received, and now a lucky Waikanae woman has turned down the offer to attend the biggest wedding of the decade.

Invitation required her to reply in 10 days, and Mrs McAdam, 87, declined due to her health, after falling on an escalator.

Although disappointed, she will still be celebrating in style at Parkwood Retirement Village where she lives, with a big screen to watch the wedding and residents dressed in their best.

She and her late husband, Dr Douglas McAdam, had been friends with Peter Middleton, Catherine's grandfather, since 1940.

Peter, his wife Valerie and the McAdams would holiday together in the Lake District, in the north of England.
There's been so much speculation about the Royal Wedding. Who's invited? Who's not invited? Who's to perform at the reception? And who is designing Kate Middleton's dress? The list of questions could go on forever, but the official guest list has been released and you may be surprised about who made the list and who didn't.
The Beckham family are like a British royal family and they have absolutely no ties to the King and Queen, but they've been officially invited and are attending the Royal Wedding with their adorable three sons.

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