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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Royal wedding bridesmaids

William and Kate's attendants will have an unrivalled view of one of the happiest days of the century, says Clementine Hambro, who recalls the wonder she felt 30 years ago at Charles and Diana's wedding.

BBC Entertainment will air a 16-day television event in celebration of the British Royal nuptials leading up to the live and uninterrupted coverage of the wedding.

Thirty years ago, television host and world-renowned designer India Hicks was a teenage bridesmaid when her godfather Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer. Now, as the world prepares for the marriage of their son Prince William to Kate Middleton, India takes viewers on a personal journey, drawing on her memories as a 13 year old at the heart of the most famous wedding of the 20th century and giving a remarkable preview of what is set to be the wedding of the 21st century. Reminiscing about her teenage memories and interviews with people connected with her and that momentous day, India brings the previous royal wedding to life.

Clearest memories of the occasion actually comes from the morning after the big day. I recall my mother saying to me: "Darling, you had a wonderful day and you must remember it forever, but we are not going to talk about it anymore." And I didn't really. My peers were only vaguely interested and I preferred to remain silent on the subject, rather than ever be accused of bragging.
But the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton has brought back all my juvenile recollections.
Indeed, when the new crop of royal bridesmaids were announced, I felt the rather odd sensation of some sort of gilded baton being passed on.

Many anglophiles and wedding fans are gearing up for the royal wedding like an NFL tight end before the Superbowl. If you want to get in on the excitement ahead of the April 29 nuptials, here are some programs you might enjoy.
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