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Friday, April 29, 2011

First Kiss

(England Twitter)First Kiss Story is a romance visual novel developed by HuneX. It was originally released for the PC-FX on April 24, 1998 and was the last game to ever be released for the system. It later received a port to the PlayStation in the same year on November 26. The PlayStation version had additional content and used two CDs instead of one. It is followed by an OVA anime sequel and First Kiss Story II. The game, along with its sequel, were ported to the PlayStation 2 in First Kiss Stories.

Kana Orikura
Manami Orikura
Yayoi Orikura
Yukiko Sugisaki
Ayaka Nanase
Hiyori Sougetsu
Mai Fujisawa
Yuu Fujisawa
Kyoko Morimura
Miho Kasugano
Misato Tachibana
Ayano Tachibana
Tetsuya Sasaki
Hirosi Kousaka

A single episode OVA sequel to the first game was released on Valentine's Day of 2000.
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