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Monday, April 25, 2011

Find British royal experts at up to $100,00 a pop

Flooding in to London for the Royal Wedding in such numbers that you have to wonder what will happened if any news breaks in the USA meantime.

Lacking local knowledge, the networks have been signing up British royalty pundits . Everyone will have the same camera feed of the ceremony, says the New York Times, so there is fierce competition "to hire talent to help their networks stand out as they fill the hours of time before and after."

Rob Silverstein, executive producer of TV show AccessHollywood, said “You would be shocked by how many e-mails we got from agents pitching their client as a royalty expert because they once saw Prince William, or once met Kate Middleton, or have once had dinner in the same restaurant." The thing, of course, was to have an English accent.

Katie Nicholl, author of a book about the bride and groom, will be working for ABC News, CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, and Extra. NBC has a long-term contract with Ben Fogle, a British TV host who traveled with Prince William last year- and who will actually be a guest at the wedding. ABC has signed Tina Brown, India Hicks (former Diana bridesmaid), and Colleen Harris, William's former press secretary.

He himself would be recalling a private lunch he had with Princess Diana and Prince William when the prince was 13 years old.
LATE FLASH: Piers 's CNN colleague Phil Han will pitching a tent and sleeping on the "sidewalks" in front of Buckingham Place from Tuesday to chat up the diehard Royal fans.

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