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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Experts Predict Royal Wedding Betting Fever

(England Twitter)-Bet on whether or not there will be a successful wedding crasher. It’s 50-1 odds. You could bet and then try to become that crasher.

But you can also judge a few things about the expectations of the about-to-be newest royal couple.

Quite a few people seem to think that Kate and William are going to make it. At least to their 10th anniversary. The odds are only 7% that they will be divorced by then.

Odds are 150 to one that Kate will be a no-show and oh-oh butterfingers, the chances of the ring being dropped during the ceremony have been set at 25 to 1.

All of a sudden this is getting a whole lot more interesting. Who had even thought that a ring could be dropped? Has anyone ever been to a ceremony where that has even happened?

The there are the classics. Colour of the dress. Black is listed at 40 to 1. There’s the colour of the Queen’s hat. Yellow is leading at 2 to 1.

So far no site that is offering any of these prop bets is offering wedding day coverage as well. If they were, this thing might actually be worth watching.

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