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Saturday, April 28, 2012

2017 World Athletics Championships

London bid to host the 2015 World Athletics Championships using its Olympic Stadium. It went up against Beijing's Olympic Stadium and the Polish city of Chorzow. However the stadium had to pull out of the running of hosting the championships due to the uncertainty of the stadium, due to the timing of the announcement of who would operate the stadium after the Olympics, thus gifting Beijing the championships.

With the issues resolved over the stadium's future, London again used the stadium to bid for the 2017 World Athletics Championships. The bid was made official in August with Lord Coe personally submitting the bid a few weeks later at the 2011 World Athletic Championships in Daegu. London's Mayor Boris Johnson and the British government have backed the bid. Following Tottenham winning the right to a review on 18 October 2011, just three weeks before the IAAF vote on the 2017 championships host, Lord Coe, on 25 August 2011 stated that the bid would be unaffected by the legal battle. UK Athletics chairman Ed Warner added, "Whatever the outcome of that process there is going to be a track in that stadium and that's what matters and that's the commitment we're making to the IAAF." On 11 November 2011, the IAAF officially awarded the 2017 World Championships to London.

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